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Northwest Craniofacial Pain | Testimonials in Michigan City

Treatment of TMJ and Craniofacial Pain

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Receiving TMJ treatments at Karwick Dental has truly been a life-changing, eye-opening, learning experience for me. Not only have Dr. Peters and Leane corrected my jaw problems, which consisted of difficulty opening, chewing and swallowing, crunching and popping noises, and facial aches, but they have also made me aware of and explained important health issues like pain elimination and stress management.

I knew it was there, but I really had no idea how much pain I was experiencing in my neck, shoulders, and back until the pain nearly all disappeared after wearing my splint only one night! Now four weeks into treatment, I no longer wake up feeling sore and fatigued, but rather, I feel refreshed after a solid sleep -I had almost forgotten what that's likel And if I feel achy during the day, Karwick has equipped me with some simple and quick exercises that strengthen my muscles and relieve the discomfort. Also with their guidance, I have drastically improved my posture and eliminated some bad habits, serving to further reduce muscle pain.

With the splint making it impossible for me to clench at night, stress has strongly manifested itself in other physical ways, making it apparent that I need to do some serious stress management and reduction. And Dr. Peters has recommended I see a Rheumatologist for my osteoarthritis, while Leane has recommended physical therapy due to entrapment of my cervical spine detected during examination. Seeing the tremendous benefits to be gained, I am committed to addressing all of these issues.

Dr. Peters and Leane have called my attention to and explained so many things about not only my jaw, but also about my overall physical well-being. They took the time to send detailed medical reports to all my regular doctors to ensure I receive consistent medical care. They have used a truly caring and holistic approach in my treatment, resulting in great quality-of-life improvements, with far-reaching positive effects on how well I feel each day.

Thank you Dr. Peters, Leane, and all the Karwick Staff!!!





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